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Refusal of Cardinal Court Fees

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At the end of this past 2016-17 school year, the residents of University housing's Cardinal Court on Illinois State University's campus almost all received unexplainable and outrageous fines for little to nothing at all. These fines range from $45-over $1,000 for "Cardinal Court damages". These "damages" include anything and everything from 1/4 inch knicks in the wall behind beds/desks to dime sized paint chips in the wall. All of which could have been there from the prior residents. In order to check out at the end of the school year, you must either "traditional checkout" or "express checkout". In traditional checkout, you have a residential assistant, who works for university housing, come into your room and check to make sure everything is the way you found it, then give you the okay. In express checkout, you turn your keys in via envelope and write on it your information and any damages made. A lot of students express checkout to avoid having to stay 1-2 weeks after school is over simply due to very limited time slots for resident inspection. Both traditional and express students received these scamming and outrageous fines. For example, a student that had little to no damages ALONG with the okay from a traditional checkout's resident assistant was still charged over $700 for these "damages". This is simply unfair and undeserved. We can't help but feel these fines are beyond unacceptable and majority of them, most likely made up or left by previous residents. On behalf of the residents charged and outraged over these ridiculous fines, this petition will be presented to the Cardinal Court Administration and Illinois State's University Housing in order to get these fines revoked and or lowered, as long as standing up to cheating the students out of even more money. We won't pay for something we do not deserve to. Please sign this petition to help get these "Cardinal Court Damages" charges dismissed at once. Residents, it's time to stand up! 

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