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Provide adequate canine behavior training to all police officers

The uprising of family dogs obtaining injuries or being killed by police firearms is astonishing. There are far too many pets who have never attacked, bitten, or shown aggression falling victim to trigger-happy officers who seemingly have no clue how to read the body language of a dog. In order to avoid both heartache of families losing their dear canine companions, and to prevent police department divisions from facing lawsuit charges due to their officers' negligence or lack of proper protocol, please sign this petition imploring the idea that Canine Behavior training is a necessity.

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Due to the many cases, some recent, of family dogs being shot by officers on duty, I implore that action be taken to avoid further incidents. I feel that proper training for all officers on how to identify canine behavior and body language would allow them to adequately determine if a situation involving a loose or contained dog is dangerous and requires the use of a firearm. I also implore that alternative action be practiced, as many of these dogs are acting out of fear or protectiveness of their properties, homes, and families- much like any human being would do if faced with a possible strange threat. In the case of a human, however, there would be much more commotion over whether or not an officer followed protocol. Why should it be any different over a family pet conveying the same behaviors? Dogs cannot communicate as effectively to another human, and they rely on their mouth, teeth, ears, tail, and body to try and get the message clear. I feel much can be benefited from officers engaging in behavioral classes- for themselves, and for the dogs of all communities.

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