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Valerie Shaw
2 years ago
The establishment of Mandatory Minimums was implemented by bi-partisan members in government, which effectively took away the power of judges to use judicial discretion on a case by case basis, and forced them to forgo consideration of background and other facts related to the individual and the charge. This law provided a false sense of security to most people that it would benefit our communities to lock up hardened criminal offenders. However, this could not have been farther from the truth! Instead, our African American boys and men were incarcerated at a higher rate and for felony charges that, in many cases, should be misdemeanors. This deception was a betrayal to African Americans, especially our men and is a good example of the "underlay for the overplay.” Due to these draconian practices, we as minorities and African American women cannot look to our men as the primary source of income because the system works against us by removing our fathers and devastating our families resulting in single-mother run households. Further, the absence of African American fathers severely impacted many households by preventing them from instilling in their children how to be lenders and not borrowers. Without our men to provide, protect, and unite our families, this reminds me of a sophisticated system called "freedom" yet is nothing short of "slavery" in the millennium. It continues to keep African American communities farther back and increases a dependence on the government for support to survive. I am signing this petition, because it’s easy to see how this situation could have affected my four brothers who, thankfully, with the blessings of God escaped the Millennium plantation and are productive men in society. This Millennium plantation was clearly designed to incarcerate African American boys and men and prevent them from returning to society in a productive manner.
Let’s all rethink and research before we act, stop cosigning the “underlay for the overplay,” which is one of the strategies the enemy uses against his opponent. Please make a 2020 commitment that you will not abandon the ship and keep families protected at all cost.