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Rockford District 205 Grade schools have no officers protecting our children.

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                   I Have been trying to get legislative action for Rockford Public School district 205 to make state law for our children to get the protection they deserve. In an event that there is an active shooting situation , there is nothing but a piece of glass protecting you're child as well as mine from active shooter in grade schools in the Rockford public 205 district . I have started with contact with my sons principle and have ended up with the school board president telling me that they are aware of the security issue but because a lack of budgeting they can't fix it yet.    

                That is a excuse that isn't acceptable ! SO my question to you as parent's are "why are you obligated to send you child under state truancy laws to what amounts to a unprotected, non secure soft target"? Whether it is a active shooter domestic or international it should not matter because it should be about response time. During a active shooter situation if there is a armed police officer it has shown in almost every case to drop the response time for more officers to respond by 50%.   This reduction in response time has also shown a decrease in casualties by 73 to 86%.

                    I understand that the anti-gun politics has a direct connection with the teachers union and with other political organizations so it would be in direct conflict with there position to arm teachers and or have a "gun" in school to protect our children. So like I said before and I will say it again ,"If the liberal left wants to make me there sacrificial lamb so be it" then the blood is on there hands".  

                 Should a active shooter enter a unprotected school and there is a loss of life like the other 67 schools shootings in a three year span then the civil liabilities would be much greater than the budgeting issue they face now... So as a parent that has raised his 8 year old alone I ask that you sign  my petition to make effective change.

                  I ask of you to sign my petition before our children become victims to a situation that could arise in the future and has in the past for so many family's. Thank you for listening to me and reading this because I love my son and his friends and even the faculty at his school that is doing a great job teaching my child. Please sign this petition to make protection before there is a issue this time because our children unprotected is not a enviroment  they should be learning in. Is our children's life worth a 67-73k salary is the question we should ask....(same salary as one teacher)

                                                              Thank you ,

                                                                       Rory Swenson    

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