Arrest & charge murderer cop of Marcellis Stinnette & attempted murder of Tafara Williams

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On Tuesday night of October 20, 2020 in Waukegan, Illinois, unarmed 19 year old Marcellis Stinnette was murdered by a currently unnamed Waukegan Police officer, along with attempting to murder the mother of his child, his girlfriend Tafara Williams, in their car. According to a statement from Waukegan Police, a "suspicious vehicle" was reported on Liberty and Oak streets but drove away when an officer began to investigate. Another officer, the murderer, found the car moments later near Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue and South Avenue. Upon approaching the vehicle, it reversed and the officer fired shots into the car, killing Marcellis and severely wounding Tafara, who is currently hospitalized, in the stomach. Upon search of the vehicle, it was found to contain no weapons. A witness said the officer approached the car with a gun, said stop when the car began to move, then heard 9 shots. This same witness said the car was hit by a police car and began to spin out before being shot into, saying there was no way the car could have been reversing, refuting police's claims. Tafara's mother, Cliftina Johnson, visited her in the hospital, and said Tafara told her, "Mama, they just shot us for nothing." She added that her daughter believes she would be dead had she not put her hand up.

State's Attorney General Michael Nerheim said it may take weeks for police to finish an investigation. "Once I have had the opportunity to review the entire investigation, I will make a determination regarding whether the officers violated any laws. Should it be determined the officers violated a law, they will be criminally charged," said Nerheim. While the car may have reversed, that absolutely does not warrant murder. Traffic stops of black people need to stop ending in murder. Marcellis Stinnette is now added to the evergrowing list of murders of black citizens in the hands of police. How many more does this nation have to grieve before it ends? Marcellis should be alive today. A child is now without a father. A girlfriend is without her boyfriend. A mother without her child. A lost friend, a lost family member. Waukegan is just about 15 miles south of where Jacob Blake was shot by Kenosha police just 2 months prior on August 23, 2020. Sign this petition to demand to Illinois State Police and the Lake County state’s attorney’s office that the officer that fired the shots into the vehicle is arrested and charged for the murder and attempted murder of Marcellis and Tafara.