Create a statewide ban on assault weapons in Illinois

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Although some individual cities have their own restriction on the sale of assault weapons, the Illinois does not have a statewide ban on assault weapons. Assault weapons are generally defined as semi-automatic or fully automatic shoulder-mount rifles.

The average civilian has no reason to own or operate a semi-automatic or fully automatic guns. In fact, seven states have already passed statewide bans on these firearms, including New York, California, and New Jersey, to great success.

As a student, it is concerning to see the ever-increasing number of school shootings happening every year. Creating a statewide ban on assault weapons will move the state of Illinois towards a safer future; one in which students will not have to worry about their own physical safety while in school.

With a greater number of signatures, it is more likely that the Illinois State Legislature will address the problem and start working towards a solution. Sign now!