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Mandatory felony charges for violating an order of protection

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An order of protection is granted by a judge and is not always an easy thing to obtain. I’ve gone through the process twice now, once for the initial, and then again to extend. I’ve seen many people denied their OP because they can’t provide sufficient evidence.  I was lucky enough to have a judge that supported me and knew I was telling the truth. My initial order was granted and when it expired, the judge extended it. As it stands now, if the order is violated, it’s usually a misdemeanor charge and the offender gets told not to do it again. Maybe a fine. Why? Why do we side with the criminal while the victim lives in fear? If the offender violates the order once, what’s to stop it from happening again and again? The punishment needs to be more severe. Mandatory felony charges. I’d even go so far to say that the offender should remain in jail until a trial or settlement is reached. Why is the victim punished? I’ve now had 3 crimes committed against me by the same individual. The first was misdemeanor theft, and is the reason I got the initial OP. The second was residential burglary. And the third was motor vehicle theft. And guess what? The person that did it is free to live his life and do as he pleases. Whereas I can’t even open a window on a nice day because I don’t know where he’ll turn up next. Constant fear. Not to mention the disruption of my life because of all the property he’s taken from me. There are pending trials but those take months and years to get resolved. In fact, the initial crime was committed 9 months ago and we’ve still not had a trial. So what’s next for me? Will he destroy my house? Kidnap my son? Hurt my remaining pet? (He already stole one dog). Or will you be reading my obituary because this known violent person with a criminal history continues to commit crime after crime, all with escalating severity, yet he remains free? What will it take for the law to change? How many more deaths from domestic violence have to happen before something is done? 

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