Eliminate age requirements to run for Illinois public offices

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Jewell Jones a 21 year old, was just elected to the House of Reps in the state of Michigan. Jones became the youngest Representative elected, making state history while winning 66% of the vote. I have always had a passion for politics, running for class president in school was always fun and exciting for me. As I have gotten older, I have turned to the real "politics" its time Illinois gets on the same page and update its age requirements for state public offices.

In Illinois the current age to run for governor is 25 years old. At the age of 21 you can run for state representative or Senator. The governor age requirement should be lowered to the age of 21. You’re considered an legal adult at the age of 18. This age opens many doors for the younger generation. At the age of 18 you can work as a manager, overseeing the day to day operations, a big step of responsibility. If a corporation is willing to entrust a young adult to manage their stores, then 21 year old should be allowed to run for state public offices. At the age of 18, young adults are now legally allowed to sign and be in contracts, receive personal loans, credit cards, home and car loans. At this age , you have the chance to join the military. This is a very big decision to make at the age of 18, yet so many of our young adults join and are given guns. If young adults are allowed to have guns and fight in wars across seas, then young adults should have the right to run for a public office and serve it's people. At the age of 18 people can run for mayor, city council, and school board. If 18 year olds can serve at these city offices, then state public offices should be lowered to 21. At the age of 18 , you can vote; thus being an important right of an American citizen. Taxes are withheld from checks earned by these young adults, therefore young adults should have the right to run for a public office. Young adults many times, do not vote or participate in political events because of the lack of young adults in these offices. Young adults feel that voting is not important or they don't care about politics, because they don't see anyone in office that represents their age groups. Lowering the age requirement to 21, will give the chance for more younger adults to run for a public office. Spreading a change and new era of hope for the younger generation. Younger people will get more involved, seeing that people in office are around their age. Several States around the nation have already passed laws lowering the governor age between 18-21 to allow more younger adults to have the chance to hold office.. California(18), Kansas(No age requirement.), Ohio(18), Rhode Island(18), South Dakota (21), Vermont(No age requirement), Washington(18), and Wisconsin (18). 17 states allow 18 year old to serve in state legislative. Age , should not be a way we determine someone's willingness, responsibility, and wisdom. Some older adults are very irresponsible, so age should not be a factor​.You're allowed to vote at 18, you should also be allowed to have the chance run for office to serve the people in your community. These age requirements were not updated when the federal government made the voting age 18. Illinois should update their age requirements to run for governor to 21. The age of 21 is considered an legal adult. Being allowed to vote, volunteer, or donate to a campaign is wrong when you can't hold a public office at 21.

This is the United States of America, where anything can be achevaible through hard work ,education , and commitment. 

This is what would be proposed to IL lawmakers on the current age requirements for state offices:
-A qualified candidate will be allowed to run and announce candidacy, this candidate has to be 21 by the time of the general election. (Qualified- Meeting the requirements already set in place by the IL constuition.)

-A United States citizen, a resident of Illinois for 3 years prior to the election, and at least 25 years of age. (Wanting to change the age requirement)

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