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Illinois State Govenor, Pat Quinn: Grant of Executive Clemency to Harriet Bianca Shivley (Johnson)

In 1999, I committed a crime.  I was sentenced to two years probation.  Our society brands the felon for the rest of his or her lifetime. Essentially, once a felon, always a felon. This is wrong. This is not forgiveness. A lifetime punishment is harmful to society as a whole. This is not mercy. A pardon gives the deserving person an opportunity to remove the felon branding. I made a huge mistake.  I have learned an invaluable lesson which is evident in the life of integrity that I currently live.  I am requesting your support in my petition to the Illinois Govenor for a  pardon.  I would like a second chance.   

Thank you.

Letter to
Office of the Govenor Illinois State
Illinois Governor
I just signed the following petition in support of Harriet Bianca Shivley (Johnson) 2013 application for Clemency.

In March 1, 1999, Harriet Bianca Shivley (Johnson) was arrested for an IVC felony (possession of a stolen vehicle) and unlawful use of a license. She readily admits that she was unaware of how the vehicle had been acquired and also and she foolishly presented the license of someone else on a traffic stop. She was charged for IVC Felony (possession of a stolen vehicle) for a vehicle rental that was rented by a someone other than herself. The vehicle had not been returned in alignment with the agreement thus was reported as stolen. Harriet understands that consequences comes with illegal acts therefore, while completing the two years probationary period she immediately took actions toward rehabilitation.

Harriet Bianca Shivley (Johnson) is a mother of three wonderful children: Eric (21), Monica (19) and Kylie (7) and a contributing member of society. Harriet began employment with Xerox Corporation in July 1999 where has held numerous positions of increased responsibility. She was promoted to an exempt position in the company in 2007 and remains employed at Xerox Corporation. Harriet became a member of the Chicago Church of Christ in November, 1999 and remains an active member. Harriet purchased a home in 2004. Harriet has received an Associates in Science degree in 2005, and a Bachelor of Business Administation in 2007. Harriet is also an active American Red Cross volunteer.

Today, she is a humbled 41 year old, devoted christian, family-oriented woman, a college graduate, mature and compassionate person today, who deserves to be restored to all the rights of citizenship which may have been forfeited by the conviction.

Who is a God like you, who pardons sin and forgives the transgression of the remnant of his inheritance? You do not stay angry forever but delight to show mercy. Micah 7:18

We urge the Governor of Illinois and the Illinois Prisoner Review Board to grant clemency to Harriet Bianca Shivley (Johnson).

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