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Free James Gibson - 25 Year Wrongful Imprisonment

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This man was accused of murder he did not commit & has spent 25 years behind bars.
He would've been out in less than 1/2 this time, if he would only confess.

Given the incredible price he has paid, it's safe to say he didn't do it.

He is part of the legendary Jon Burge Police Torture Case. Burge served time for his crimes but, this victim remains. James' accuser admits to being tortured. His accuser 'confessed' under torture & was released.

"Burge was convicted of perjury for lying about police torture that he oversaw. He was sentenced to four and a half years in prison for that charge alone.

On Thursday, one of Burge’s victims stood at city hall and recalled to reporters the emotional and physical pain he’d endured at the hands of Burge and his men. 

Anthony Holmes told the Chicago Tribune that he had been a former gang member arrested by Burge in 1973. He said he was taken to a police station where detectives hooked him up to an electrical box and had a bag pulled over his head. Holmes said the officers shocked him over and over again until he confessed to a murder he hadn’t committed.

Holmes, now nearly 70 years old, said he remembers Burge calling him the N-word and warning him not to bite through the bag over his head.

“I need some help,” Holmes told a crowd of reporters at city hall yesterday, according to the Tribune. “I try to hold my emotions back because I don’t want people to see me like that. … My family has been through a lot.”

Holmes eventually spent 30 years in prison for the killing he was tortured in to admitting."

Jon Burge, ex-Chicago cop who ran torture ring, released from prison


Cop Who Oversaw The Torture Of 118 Black Men Freed After Less Than 4 Years In Jail


this has the most details:

Jon Burge: Latest stories, archives, photos
Former Chicago Police Cmdr. Jon Burge was convicted on all three counts of obstruction of justice and perjury for lying about police torture. Special prosecutors had alleged that Burge led the torture of criminal suspects for two decades, coercing dozens of confessions.


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