EXELON holds Illinois hostage with nuclear plant closures and job losses for more money!

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If Exelon truly wanted to support a clean economy in Illinois, it would stop lying and commit to a renewable generation fleet. But, it prefers to bully and bribe its way to solvency.

It’s time WE the People of Illinois together with Humanity First for Illinois Political Action Committee, join forces to stand up and stop the theft of our future to feed Exelon’s shareholders. Humanity First for Illinois is taking a stand and asking you to join this fight, please sign this petition and share with your friends and family. Illinois is taking a stand today! 

In the middle of a global pandemic and a historic economic recession - following a landmark federal corruption investigation and plea deal - under scrutiny by consumer groups and state lawmakers - Exelon decided to drop the mic on Illinois. If the state legislature did not provide billions of dollars in taxpayer subsidies, Exelon would be forced to shutter its Byron and Dresden nuclear power plants in just 18 months. It would be forced to do the same with its LaSalle and Braidwood plants afterwards.

If this sounds familiar, that’s because it is. Just six years ago, Exelon made the same threat. At that time, it was with the Quad Cities and Clinton nuclear power plants. If it didn’t get its free money, Exelon warned of, just like this time around, 1,500 direct job losses, in addition to $10 billion in economic damage from carbon emissions, over $1 billion in lost productivity each year, and wholesale electricity prices rising by some $430 to $650 million annually.

The legislature capitulated, and taxpayers bailed out these expensive power plants to the tune of $2.35 billion through the Future Energy Jobs Act (“FEJA”) in 2016. Put another way, Illinois taxpayers provided 6.3% of Exelon’s net income through 2026. Four years later, despite holding $117 billion in assets, Exelon is back for more free money and is willing to hold 1,500 workers hostage during the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression.

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