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CITIZENS HEALTH ARE DETERIORATING AND SOME ARE COMING CLOSE TO DEATH AS A DIRECT RESULT OF ILLINOIS GOVERNOR PAT QUINN's SMART ACT AND THE PROVISION IN THAT ACT THAT RESTRICTS MEDICAID RECIPIENTS LIKE MYSELF TO ONLY 4 MEDICATIONS A MONTH.  This restriction is wreaking palpable physical harm in over 200,000 Illinois residents on medicaid and taking more than 4 meds a day. It is simply unconscionable and egregious to deny a medicaid recipient, most of them in their late 80's their needed medications.  What outrages  me the most and the most of many others is the incontrovertible fact that Governor Quinn gives his state prisoner's quote "unlimited meds" if they needed them. Quinn places no limits whatsoever on a prisoner's medications. However, Quinn does not hestitate to restrict a free citizen of his/hers medications.  There is something wrong here.  How do you give prisoners unlimited medications but not a free citizen.  The Governor's office refused to answer that question today.  State Representative Mary Flowers has introduced a house bill number 3671 that would totally repeal the 4 script limit.

    Rep.Flowers called me today (11/18/13) and I asked her to hold another hearing on her bill because I have Doctor's and Pharmacists who despise this 4 script rule and I personally want to address the full house how dangerous this 4 script limit is. I also wan to be there when the vote is taken.  If it passes, there will no longer be any limits on the amounts of medications a recipient may take.  People, this 4 script limit is dangerous, unconscionable and uncivilized in a civilized society.

     I am imploring you (almost begging you) to support this and sign this petition telling the Speaker of the House and all other members of the legislature to vote YES on Rep. Flowers bill repealing the 4 script limit. You and your family may be fortunate with good jobs, good health, and have no reason to sign this. This people is about HUMANITY....what if a family member ran into medical problems, had no insurance and had to rely on medications to keep them alive.  As a family member wouldnt you want the state to give him/her all the meds they needed to live....sure you thats exactly why you ought to sign this petition.

     By signing this petition you are telling House Speaker and all other legislators to repeal the 4 script limit before more people suffer and possibly die because they had to go without their medications. Do the right thing .Sign on. Peace. Rob.

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