Richards Bulldogs - Still Undefeated

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Take a good look at this picture. One team followed the rules and the other team with the Refs watching are clearly outside the rules. The Refs gave Crete an illegal head-start . It was like this the entire game.  This is the play when the officials took the game from Richard's! Sign this petition to let IHSA know  these refs must be reprimanded and Richard Bulldogs vs. Crete-Monee Warriors must be reversed, rescinded, or rescheduled! We need to move rapidly!

We, as Family, Fans, and Parents of the Richards Bulldogs, teach our children benevolence, gallantry, principles, and responsibility to become a living creed; reflecting a code of honor in which to live by.  Then adults come end-to- end destroying the very concepts of its meaning. IHSA’s beliefs stated, “Integrity and Honesty are non-negotiable”! Well then, Richards vs. Crete-Monee should have been a football game skirmished on the field, not in the hidden gutters on the sidelines. Regrettably, those in black and white bars decided pre-game procedures that governed this game would be sacked while officials exchanged bars for dark cloaks. They suspended the IHSA’s Constitution and Bylaws.

Let’s start at the beginning of the 3rd Quarter: The announcer stopped calling the game while running the clock continually “non-stop” to the 8-minute mark. Not only was this diabolical, illegal, and a blatant change in the rules, the refs allowed it! Yes, Richards was up, but unaware they were being set-up. This was not just a couple of neglected calls, or amateurish refereeing: This was a known infraction and new rule surplus for the playoffs by principal officials who sought to usurped IHSA’s 6A authority through sedition.

The most appalling illustration on the field of play (if you want to call this turf-less, muddy, warped, lot a field) was at the end of the game as Crete-Monee commentator stated, “All Richards has to do is get the ball and take a knee for the win” (NFHS watch IHSA online game – Play 175 on Hudl).

These following descriptions show various violations and total disregard of the rules of football that stopped Richards from kneeling to secure the win:

1) Crete-Monee had multiple players crossed the line of scrimmage prior to the ball being kicked. The officials had no response: a total lapse in judgement and comprehension of the rules of football.

2) Onside kick violation, as the ball has to travel ten yards before contact by the kicking team! The football moved seven yards before a Crete-Monee player shielded the ball, snatched it at 8-yards and rolled with it for the 10-yard distance. The rules by prevailing body states, “the football, if touched first by the kicking team on an onside kick that does not go the distance, cannot be possessed by the kicking team!” Hi-tech devices, along with film, confirm this claim. So at least for this game the Adjudicators allowed a new “kick & roll rule” to stand against Richards. Total misconduct by the officials to allow such breeches which leads to... Not only did the refs stall, but decided not to allow Richards offense back on the field because the officials changed the rule, now allowing the kicking team to recover a ball touched before the 10-yard progression mark for a recovery which essentiality gave the game to Crete. This action took legal possession by an illegal action which is prohibited.  

3) While all of this started with only a little over 1:40 seconds left in the game. The refs stopped the clock on almost every down for Crete-Monee. Not just 1st Downs and out of bounds plays, but every down to include 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Downs, allowing Crete-Monee to get ready and hold on to their time-outs.  

Just in this last subsection, alone, were multiple encroachments and blatant cheating for the Crete-Monee Warriors. This game should be overturned based on the debacle of the last onside kick. Without the refs infusing new rules, neglecting IHSA’s Bylaws, and breaking their own contracts at that very moment, as Crete-Monee commentator heralded, “Richards … Holds the ball and takes a knee for the win”.

Crete-Monee’s coach could barely hold up his head when greeting Richards, because he knew in his soul there was no honor in this win. One parent from Crete-Monee said, “We wanted to win, but not this way! When the refs do this to kids, it just shreds them on the inside.” As Richards Bulldogs were sitting in the mud, mourning their demise, a few fans from Crete-Monee decided to mark them, cursing them, making fun of how the Bulldogs were put down like sick dogs. If that is the case, then the vets “REFS” administered the final dose of illegal tyrannizes into the veins of the Bulldogs, which proved to be fatal.  An 11th seed team to have 3 home games against more elite and higher ranked teams? How does an 11th seed get through the top 4 seeded teams? Three of which Crete-Monee got the Home field. Two of which they defeat with seconds left? So let's get this right: Crete- Monee couldn't beat an elite team during the regular season and now they are able to dispatch the top 4 seeds?  "IHSA-Refs Choice"!!!

The coaches for Richards Bulldogs were visibly upset during the contest as they stood there, and watched their boys get held, face-masked, horse-collared, held again, and again, and again, of course, with no calls for this Record Setting Ranked Defense. So, it must have been the slick twisted field that kept the calls sliding to one side of the gridiron! The Bulldogs’ Hearts were torn out by both, the corked and serrated-edged metallic whistles of IHSA Referees. The refs were so petty and vindictive towards the Bulldogs that they allowed Crete-Monee to kick muddy-laden footballs to Richards; but in return switched out the footballs with clean, dry ones when the time came for Crete-Monee to receive. We started looking for Tom Brady on the sidelines to see why….

These Boys laid their life out for their teams only to see Adults play another game called “Refs Choice”. This was a horrific tragedy: The Alumni of Richards with no family on the field were in tears; The Cheerleaders and other fans were just weeping, not because of the lone loss, (hell they lost last year), but because every soul there saw the precision guided robbery by officials, who swore to uphold the rules of football. Instead, they implemented a premeditated strike ensuring Richards could not win!

Mothers were outraged! The sons they raised and struggled to keep on the straight and narrow (away from drugs, gangs, and violence) found out that hard work, long hours, and dedication will get you robbed in IHSA Football. The sisters and girlfriends of these boys could hardly walk after this, because somehow they knew this was more than just a loss. This was a merciless miscarriage of ethics, binding rules, and the ultimate form of “corporate power bullying”. This game has to be overturned, or nullified! IHSA’s beliefs state, “Equality and Fairness must always be safe guarded”. The IHSA should live out its own creed and police its officials. This game was ridiculous! Richards remain that Record setting, Undefeated Nation of BULLDOGS! Now it’s time to Fight!!! Fight!!! Fight!!!

They shortened the game in the 3rd Quarter, then stalled at the end, giving Crete-Monee extra game gambles to score with seconds to play. With odds like that, “How could Crete lose? It’s in the bag!” Who pays these Refs? This is why Illinois is known as the most corrupt state in the union. This is why the Black Sox of 1919 were so comfortable in uniform. This is why the children of Crook County are so suspicious of any one in authority. This is why everyone in uniform is questioned.  This is why the Encyclopedia Britannica once wrote of those living in the Cook County area “they live with an innate wariness that everything is fixed”. Richards football team is one of the most diverse teams in Illinois, player-wise. Richards is a team made of many ethnic groups, including Irish, German, Italian, Polish, Samoan, Arabian, Persian, Asian, Hispanic, and African American. Many Religious Groups, to include Catholics, Protestants, Muslims, etc.  However, all ran into the Old Guard of Illinois “The Controlling Corrupt”!   Now they have witnessed together what some go through every day. Two set of rules for different teams on the same field of play.

Bulldogs get all of your family and friends to sign this. We have to move rapidly! Don’t let anyone steal the course of your future, rewards, or anything that you have earned! If anything you learn from this, learn how to fight for yourself! Let’s not look back and say “WE SHOULD HAVE STOOD UP FOR OURSELVES!” Now is the time to FIGHT for yourself and your BULLDOG FAMILY!