Rename the Interstate I-55 in the State of Illinois the "President Barack Obama Freeway"

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This petition is very important because President Barack Obama is a historic (1st African American) president who has lived in the State of Illinois for several years prior to his presidency. He deserves to be honored by the renaming of one of the busiest major highways that extends for miles throughout Illinois and connects to multiple other cities and states.

I, myself have driven on the Illinois I-94 Bishop Ford freeway and the I-90 Dan Ryan expressway for years. However (no disrepect intended) without googling their names, I have no idea who they are or what they have accomplished. But with President Obama we can easily answer those questions and share stories. And just like the Interstate I-55 (Stevenson) expressway carries a load of diverse commuters daily, our president has carried the load of advocating daily on behalf of the diverse American people.

It's appropriate that it be this particular (calm) highway because its function similarly represents all the connections made by our Commander in Chief on behalf of the United States of America. He deserves this continuous recognition.

Renaming the Interstate I-55 expressway shows pride for our fellow Illinoisan and will honor and acknowledge President Obama as a strong unwavering leader, a role model and family man, a peace keeper, a strategic planner and innovator and a relatable being. It will also commend his accomplishments, progress and successes as the President of the United States of America.