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Petitioning Illinois Governor Pat Quinn

"STOP The Ban on the News Media not being allowed into Illinois Prisons."

Governor Quinn has vowed transparency. His recent decision to ban the news media from reporting on the deplorable conditions within the Illinois Prison system is a contradiction to what he promised the taxpayers of Illinois. This unprecedented move by Quinn was decided on the heels of a recent lawsuit filed in the Federal courts by several Illinois inmates which cites the inhumane living conditions within many of Illinois State facilities. In one instance, a cockroach burrowed into the ear of an inmate and had to be surgically removed.

The question is "Why won't Governor Quinn allow the media into the prisons if he has nothing to hide?" The answer is "The Illinois Taxpayers have a right to know how their money is being spent."

The following are several articles that cite the details of the Ban Gov. Patrick Quinn instituted. --Vienna Prison

Letter to
Illinois Governor Pat Quinn
I just signed the following petition addressed to: Illinois Governor Pat Quinn.

"STOP The Ban on the News Media not being allowed into Illinois Prisons."

The taxpaying citizens of Illinois urge you to reconsider and lift your recent decision to Ban the News Media from Illinois State Prisons. We want "transparency" from our politicians and deserve to know the truth, reported by the media, about what goes on behind the walls and barbed wire that WE fund.

The Taxpayers

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