Rid the SMART ACT provision 4 script limit

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Why is this important....the answer should be nose-on-the-face-plan. Governor Quinn signed into law the SMART ACT in June, 2012 making draconian cuts to the Illinois Medicaid program. One provision of the ACT now restricts Medicaid recipients in Illinois, mostly elderly folks in their late 70's or 80's to only 4 medications a month, notwithstanding the fact most of them take a barrage of meds of 6 or more a day. Psychotic recipients take a cocktail of 7 or more drugs a day to keep them from being psychotic. Expert witnesses have told me that a psychotic recipient who is denied any of his/her meds under the Governor's 4 script rule would pose a grave danger to the community because they would become unpredictable and dangerous to others. There are over 200,000 Illinois Medicaid recipients, including this author who take more than 4 meds a month. Outrageously, each month we are being asked by our respective pharmacists to "pick-n-choose" which 4 meds we want for the month. This practice notwithstanding the outrageousness of it, will have catastrophic consequences, because none of the 200,000 recipients have medical knowledge necessary to decide which 4 meds are "more important" to their health. A wrong choice could kill them. As a small town gguy and recipient myself, I could not sit idle and allow this Governor to wreak unimaginable physical harm and suffering upon such vulnerable, innocent Medicaid people. Many of their conditions have exacerbated because they have gone without their needed medications. Many are ending up in emergency rooms with very life threatening conditions. Other's are lingering at home clinging to life or at bottom, suffering unbearable harm by being denied meds they need for their respective conditions. This is also more important to us because we verified with the Illinois Department of Corrections and Governor Quinn provides his state prisoner's with, quote "unlimited amounts" of medications they need. They are not subject to any limitation. Quinn is cuddling his state prisoner's but on the road to killing innocent, vulnerable Medicaid recipients by denying them their life saving meds. Another reason this is very important is because just recently Governor Quinn order the legislature back inot session to debate the state employee "pension problem"...are you fricking serious? Each day the legislature meet it cost Illinois tax payers 5 MILLION DOLLARS A DAY.....what an irresponsible, laughable way of spending. This same five million dollars a ay could have been applied to our Medicaid program to provide those recipients their medications they were previously denied. This ruthless, heartless Governor is altogether devoid of compassion and humanity for his own people suffering horribly on Medicaid by being denied needed medications at the hands of this devilish Governor. Since no other Illinois resident was going to stand up and say "THIS IS WRONG" I would have been remiss if I had not done so. On 6/24/13 I filed a multi-million dollar lawsuit in federal court against the Governor and other's challenging the propriety and constitutionality of the Governor's 4 script limit. This small town guy has taken on a David v. Goliath battle....but I say..bring on Goliath. The 200,000 Illinois Medicaid recipients taking more than 4 meds a month and are being denied some of those meds under the Governor's insane med limitation, our day in court is fastly approaching as hopefully we will have the thrill of laughing at this Governor and making this last law his last act in 2014 over 500,000 viewers on my FACEBOOK page have indicated they will NOT vote for Quinn. I invite you all to se the facebook page: JUSTICE FOR ILLINOIS MEDICAID RECIPIENTS and show your support and solidarity by LIKING the page and making a comment. In a civilized society, we ought never withhold medications from our sick, elderly and disabled people under any circumstances. Perhaps in third world countries, but folks not in this county and most certainly not in Illinois.
Shortly after the federal lawsuit was filed news media interviewed me to spread the word. A Chicago Law Firm has agreed to take the case if the federal judge certified the lawsuit as a class action lawsuit since my lawsuit involves over 200,000 Illinois residents. I am IMPLORING all of you to sign this petition even if you have only a modicum of compassion and humanity for your fellow man/woman. We cannot government begin to control our health and make decision about our health they are woefully and unlawfully unable to make. This law could, at some time, affect members of your family, who, for whatever reasons, must rely on Medicaid. Certainly you would not want to see them suffer an untimely demise by being denied needed medications that could save their lives. So whether this affects you or not, in the interests of compassion and humanity, do the right thing and kindly sign this petition. Trust me, you feel good after doing it because of you, you could have just saved a life. If interested, see our facebook page: JUSTICE FOR ILLINOIS MEDICAID RECIPIENTS. If you would like to e mail me your personal story you can do so by emailing me at: Thank you people and peace. Rob.

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