Petition Closed

Pamela Jacobazzi is an innocent woman in prison. She was wrongly convicted of first-degree murder. Pamela was a daycare provider and was providing care for a 10-month-old boy that had many pre-existing medical conditions. During trial, the jury only heard testimony that the infant was a healthy baby. Due to the State's theory of a violent shaking, Pamela was sentenced to 32 years in prison. Since her conviction, the case has been reviewed by many medical experts who have testified that the baby had serious medical issues prior to the day he became seriously ill in Pamela's care that contributed to or caused the baby's collapse. Despite over a decade of pro bono defense provided by Chicago-area attorney Anthony Sasson and efforts from the Illinois Innocence Project to assist Pamela's legal fight, the DuPage County Circuit Court has denied her post-conviction petition and her request for a new trial based on ineffective assistance of counsel. Given the court's inability to act, we are petitioning Illinois Governor Pat Quinn to grant clemency to Ms. Jacobazzi based on her actual innocence as shown by the medical evidence and to release Pam from prison.

Letter to
Governor Patrick Quinn
Illinois Governor
Pamela Jacobazzi is an innocent woman in prison. The justice system has been unable to correct its wrongful conviction of an innocent woman. Please grant clemency to Pam so that she may return to her family.