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Pass the " bullying report " law!

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Its called a" bully report"  it's for children in our school systems All Over America! They can get a bully report anonymously and Report bullying, fill it out... there's a list of questions... who, what, where, why, and when, and how... counseling numbers! police numbers! kids can now have a voice with the bullying report! there's nothing like this in our school systems! our children need to know they can speak up! and with this bully report I'm proposing, they can!  and it can be documented! not only saving lives from children who are bullied, but protecting the children and families involved on both sides! my sons are special needs children, and they have been bullied now for the past year-and-a-half ! they are identical twins and one of them tried to take their own life because they are being bullied! and felt like no one was listening to them at school! as if they had no voice in the school system! the bully report offers our children A voice! and makes them feel safe and secure, because they have a voice with a bully report!  if they feel like they're being bullied in any way, there is a scale system on the bully report one through ten, 1 being name-calling 10 being hospitalization and the most extreme bullying, and the police involved, and jail. there are so many reasons to have a bully report in our school systems! please help pass the bully Report law, where our children have a voice in the school system, when it comes to being bullied, hate breeds hate! let's use kindness and love and help pass the bully Report law! so that our children and families involved have a voice in the school system! even if teachers turn a blind eye and do nothing our children can still  have a voice with a bully report! Being bullied buy a student or a group of students on or off school grounds! our children are our future! and deserve to have a voice in the school system when it comes to bullying! so many children have taken their lives because they had no voice and felt there was no way out! let's give them this opportunity let's give them a voice! and pass the bully Report law! thank you sincerely and respectfully James Pennington Flora Illinois!

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