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Justice for The Kids

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This petition is being started in hopes that justice will be served for our children. What This child has gone through is unimaginable. It is sick and it is sad. My hopes for starting this petition are that they won't be forced to see their abusers anymore, and that the 'mother' will be charged for her admitted crimes. No child should have to go through what this particular child has, and continue to be tortured by mandatory visits. I know that we can come together to stop the cycle of sending children back into the arms of their abusers. Something has to change.  I have wrote a public Facebook post about what's going on and I have attached it here. 

Imagine this. You are a helpless 4 month old baby, and for the first part of your time here on Earth you have spent it in a NICU. Hearing loud sounds, having feeding tubes, breathing tubes, lots of tape, lonely days/nights, rashes from laying in an incubator, and many more health issues. As if that wasn't hard enough, you come home to live with a monster. Someone who is supposed to love you unconditionally, keep you safe, hold you when you're sad or sick, and just be a mother to you. But instead you are abused over and over daily. Abused so badly that you are air lifted out of state to a special hospital where the doctors can not believe what they're seeing. You are so swollen from the head trauma that you can't see. You have a neck brace on for days that starts to cut into your skin and leave scabs. You are traumatized. You are scared. You are put through loud machines to scan to see the full extent of what has happened to you. You're poked and prodded by needles for days. When the doctors finally tell your family what has happened they don't even explain it as abuse, they explain it as torture. You have broken LEGS and ARMS in multiple places. You have multiple skull fractures. Abdominal trauma and much more.
Now imagine you're recovering after being in the hospital for a long time. You're safe but you can't believe it. You're so scared that you can't sleep, can hardly keep any food down, when you do sleep you wake up shaking and not breathing. You are literally afraid to let anyone touch you. Especially when you get your diaper changed. (Because this is when most of the leg breaking happened)
Finally things start to get better. You're getting less and less afraid of people. You feel loved and safe, you can sleep through the night without waking up shaking. You can keep food down. You don't have to take the seizure medicine anymore, because the brain swelling has gone down. You can see and hear things now. You still have multiple doctors appointments weekly, and physical therapy 2 times a week to help heal your bones, but you're getting better.

And then the State of Illinois MAKES YOU see the monster again. The monster who admitted, in detail what she did to you. They MAKE you go for visits where she's allowed to hold you, feed you, and change your diaper. (Which she denies to do) Just because she's your "mother" and "she has the right to". She is allowed to touch you, which terrifies you to the point of sleepless nights/nightmares, you can't have your diaper changed without screaming, and it takes days for you to recover from the visit. The monster is running free doing whatever she wants with no worries. She doesn't take care of your other sister that she gave away when you were born. She's out getting pregnant again. She's having the time of her life, while you are miserable. She says she's 'never been more happy than she is now'.

But your dad that was at work everyday to provide for you and the family has the exact same rights as the monster. Because he didn't notice the abuse soon enough. And none of your family did because we were told your head has looked odd from day one because you were a preemie. Now he's charged with neglect and the monster is free. But if he is being charged then why isn't everyone who lived there charged?
This is the dad that makes you smile when you hear his voice. The one you fell asleep on every night. The only person in your dark time and showed you any light is denied the right to be your happy place anymore.

Now friends please tell me after reading this if you think this is right? Should an attempted murderer have rights to see their victim weekly, or when she decided to keep the visit? Do you think the helpless child who couldn't defend herself should have to see her abuser? Do you think children should have rights? Do you think they should go easy on the abuser because of her age? Even thought she is married has two kids, apparently another on the way and has gone to college and has lived on her own since 15?  Yes the poor baby is safe and over loved now, but doesn't she deserve some rights? She's a human. We all know that if I would have inflicted these wounds on the monster that I would be in jail, not running free having the time of my life. Sadly this is just one story. There are more out there and they all deserve the right to have a voice. 
Please share this if it reaches your heart. This baby deserves justice. The abused children deserve justice. This is not right.

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