Illinois DMV Road Test - Ukrainian language

Illinois DMV Road Test - Ukrainian language

August 2, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by pavel cherkashin

Honorable Governor JB Pritzker

Please add Ukrainian as official language for passing the DMV theory test

As a part of Ukrainian speaking community in Illinois there is a growing number of requests from Ukrainian new-comers to pass the test in Ukrainian language.  

Who is involved:
Ukrainian aliens arriving to US with poor English and seeking driver privileges. There is Russian language option available to them, but not Ukrainian. This hurts feelings due to invasion of Russian troops into Ukraine and continuing war between Russia and Ukraine.

What needs to change:

  • Software interface and/or written test should provide Ukrainian option same as Polish or Russian.
  • All questions and answer options have tp be translated in Ukrainian (the voluntary help from Ukrainian language translation team can be used and will be provided 100%)

If this petition will not get the approved response - many Ukrainians will struggle with receiving drivers privileges, because Russian is not acceptable language for them anymore, but English is yet to be learned

We, the Ukrainian community of Illinois kindly ask you to assist on this matter and add Ukrainian language to the list of offered languages to pass written or electronic road test.

Pavel Cherkashin


Support now
Signatures: 1,123Next Goal: 1,500
Support now

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