3 of 4 Rescued Coyotes Now DEAD #BRINGLUNAHOME #Lunathehappycoyote

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This is a coyote rescue. I've had four coyotes in my care, two for 13 years, one for 10 years and one for four years. I've always maintained licensing and took excellent care of them. I've been active in educating the public about the value of coyotes in our fragile ecosystem, as well as how to peacefully coexist!

On April 24 2019, the IL Department of Natural Resources along with Cook County Animal Control came and seized my coyotes. They were treated horribly, scared and cornered, their safe places overturned, shot with tranquilizer guns luke a canned hunt, and dragged out of their safe sanctuary on choke hold poles, choking and gasping for air,  and rolling to try to get away from the pain.  None of that was necessary as I had crates and tried to cooperate but was not given any time. No warning. No chance to work with the agencies, nothing. Please see the video. Please go to my facebook page. please help by sharing. Animals should not be treated this way. Either should their caretakers. No due process. Just an early morning raid which has now resulted in 3 of 4 dying, scared and traumatized away from the only home they have ever known. Please help by sharing and contacting the IL Dept Of Natural Resources.I am the only human my Sandy, Luna, Bella and Peytah have known on a daily basis for their whole lives. Now only Luna survives. I cannot imagine what she is going through and I have not been allowed to visit. I have just received a court order for visitation and am patiently waiting. None of this is fair to Luna or myself. As I struggle to process the tragic loss of her brother Sandy and pack mates Bella and Peytah, getting Luna home is my one glimmer of hope. Please help by signing and sharing this petition and contacting the IL Dept Of Natural Resources. THANK YOU so very much. This should never have happened and it should never happen to anyone or innocent animals again.

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