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Don’t let them take Dude and Jude

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The Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) is trying to take away our 2 pet deer, Dude and Jude. Dude was brought to us 5 years ago when he was found curled up next to his dead mother. A year later, we rescued Jude, who turned up at a friend’s house. We raised these deer, cared for them, and consider them a part of our family. Now, years later, IDNR says they have to go. What’s even more outrageous, if we had gotten the deer from a breeder, we would be allowed to keep them on our land. But because we rescued them, and despite getting the permits to have deer on our land, IDNR says Dude and Jude cannot remain on our property. The deer have never been a problem, and interact with people like any other pet. The only reason they came to the attention of the IDNR is because we did the right thing and got permits. Our permit was pulled for a random home inspection, and once they learned the story of Dude and Jude, IDNR officials targeted our deer for removal. This decision is unfair and heartbreaking. We are hoping with enough support the IDNR will reconsider their decision. Dude and Jude are well cared for, have enough land to live a good life, and have never been a nuisance. More importantly, we are the only life they have known and are family. Please sign our petition to keep Dude and Jude.

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