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STOP Roman Catholic bishops from wading into partisan politics

Earlier this year, a Roman Catholic bishop came under fire from the Anti-Defamation League and others for comparing President Barack Obama to Joseph Stalin and Adolf Hitler during a sermon delivered at an Illinois church.
Now, as the 2012 election approaches, Bishop Daniel Jenky of Peoria has reportedly ordered "every priest in his diocese" to read an anti-Obama letter to their congregations.
If we can demonstrate huge grassroots outrage before the letter is read at Mass this weekend, the bishop might be forced to withdraw it -- and we can send a powerful message to other church officials who might be tempted to abuse their positions for partisan political purposes in the final days before the election.
As I remind you; that In exchange for the receipt of tax-exempt status, the IRS tax code absolutely prohibits churches and other tax-exempt organizations from campaigning for or against a candidate for public office. If a church participates or interferes, directly or indirectly, in any political campaign for or against any candidate for public office by publishing and distributing certain written material or making oral statements regarding the candidate, then a church can lose its tax-exempt status for violating the campaigning ban. We need to send a message to the church by stripping this diocese from their tax exempt status.

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