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Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan: Abide by the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals Opinion

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The woman pictured above is Mary Shepard. She is licensed to carry a gun in several states except Illinois. She is trained to use a firearm, she and a coworker were attacked by a 6ft 3 in 245 lb man who nearly beat her to death while working as the Treasurer at her church. Mary Shepard was not only the victim of a violent attack, but the victim of the Illinois State Legislature who kept her from defending herself. Mary Shepard and Michael Moore filed a joint lawsuit against the State of Illinois for violating their Second Amendment right. The hearing made it to the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago IL. .On December11th 2102, two of the three Judges, decided that Illinois ban on the carring of guns outside the home was unconstitutional. The the Court gave Illinois 180 day stay to draft a law that would allow citizens to carry guns outside the home. On December 17th 2012 Lisa Madigan filed a motion with the United States Court of Appeals asking for a 14 day extension to decide whether to file A PETITION FOR REHEARING EN BANC. Which is basically a rehearing to hope for a different outcome. I along with fellow law-abiding citizens feel that Ms. Madigan is just dragging out the court’s decision to keep law abiding citizens form carrying firearms. Lisa Madigan is wasting the State’s time and tax payers’ dollars in court. I am sure the attorneys' fighting the case will ask for monetary relief as this is a violation of constitutional civil rights. The City of Chicago has already written a few checks for violating law-abiding citizen’s gun rights. Something must be done now to protect our Constitutional rights and stop wasting our tax money. The State of Illinois is already broke. This will just add to our States Debt. Tell Lisa Madigan to do her job and obey the orders of the court.      

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