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Illegal Parking Charges in Biju Patnaik International Airport

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Our Bhubaneswar is famous for its temples and numerous attractive tourist destinations. Bhubaneswar airport being the only entry point by air, a lot of tourist and Odisha residents travel through the airport daily. However, the parking system in the Airport is illegal and needs improvement. Nowhere in the world, the Airport agency charges for passenger pick up and drop off. Bhubaneswar Airport Authority has employed the parking agency which charges if your pickup/drop off duration is more than 5 mins. The parking agency employees resort to threatening and bullying even though the your drop off/pick up duration is less than 5 mins. 

Bhubaneswar has been voted to be a Smart City and the Airport facility is in complete opposite of what a smart city should be. 


1) Airport is a public facility and entering and exiting the premise should not be charged. 

2) 5 minutes for pickup/drop off is not realistically possible. This time limit is just a eye wash to extract money from passengers. No scientific or field experiment has been performed to decide on a 5-min time duration.

3) The parking agency employees threaten and bully if you don't agree to pay even though your duration is less than 5 minutes. 

4) At the exit gate, if you have couple of cars ahead of you and the attendant shows up late by your window, even if you reached the exit much before the 5-mins duration, you will be liable to pay up. This is ridiculous and the parking agency employees know this but they dont accept. 

5) As Bhubaneswar Airport not only serves  urban areas but also remote areas from across the state.  A lot of people who come to pick up/drop off their friends and families are very innocent and simple. The airport parking agency people threaten and bully these gullible people to succumb to their demands.

6) The parking agency employees are down right disrespectful if you try to reason with them. They gather all their colleagues to bully and threaten you if you try to argue with them.

7) The parking agency employees threaten for a armed response if you argue with them. This creates a safety hazard at a public facility.  

8) Currently the airport allocates a bigger area for VIP access. Airport is built using taxpayers money and should be accessible to entire public in the same manner as VIPs. 

Proposed Resolution:

1) Separate lane for pick up and drop off for passengers which should not be charged.

2) The allotted 5-minutes duration for pickup/drop off is not realistically possible. This policy should be abolished. Airport police should be deployed to enforce that no vehicle stays on the pick up /drop off lane if their party has not arrived.

3) Parking entrance should be a different one and people should only be charged if they use the parking lot.

4) Parking agency should not be employed to guard the Airport access entrance/exit. Airport police should be responsible for protecting safe access to the airport.  

5) Parking Agency employees should be trained to respect people and not bully them and threaten them.  

7) We get a lot of travelers from different countries. The parking agency employees set a bad example by bullying and threatening people. 

6) BBI should replicate the airport access method adopted by other major airports afrom across the country. For example, BBI airport can model Bengaluru International Airport to manage the pick up/drop off as well as parking facility.  

7) Parking agency should only manage parking lot access and usage and not the access to the airport. 

8) The BBI-AAI should regulate the parking charges and the basis of parking charges decision should be published for general reference. 

8) VIP pick up/drop off to be opened to public access when not in use. Currently the VIP access area is blocking a big chunk of space which can be used by general public. 


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