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Money, Lust, Guilt, Inhuman Acts: Justice and How to Prevent 

1) Plead to STRENGTHEN laws around rape incidents and Justice system to reevaluate the current laws as crime continues 

2) What kind of Justice: Engage with leaders across the country, woman & human rights commission to arrive at an solution respecting lives of thousands who lost their lives and families heart broken.

3) Effect Change and Enforce the law and spread awareness in remote villages, areas and highest records of rapes and across country awareness of the law like Polio Awareness

4) RCA/ Problem Management

a) Survery across country: How can we strengthen Law against Rape & Harrassment against woman ? (Get public views on how to change the law, death being last option and 7 year sentence being unfruitful because we continue to see these crimes) 

b) Social media, news, leaders, celebrities to spread awareness and TIGHTEN LAWS AGAINST WOMAN HARRASSMENT

c) Get inspired by the laws around the world to arrive at a strong law that anyone should think twice before they harm another individual. 

d) Anger is not solution: Prevention is better than cure: Education system to cover subject on important laws and its sections (High School & Colleges) 

We have seen many cases , Nirbhaya, Kerala rape case, Pollachi 

This plead is to ensure such cruelty be avoided and we dont see man going against men. 

Men should protect woman, not Rape and act of lust for money, greed, and one loses their life. SAY NO TO VIOLENCE.