We, as Year 12s of Ilim College, deserve to choose what’s right for us

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We, the Year 12s of the Ilim College Boys Campus in 2018, respectfully call on the Ilim College Leadership Team, Mr. Kerim Buday and Mr. Fadi Koubar, to reconsider their decision to give the huge responsiblity of teaching a Year 12 VCE English Class to Mr. Hassan Mansour.

We, the undersigned, strongly believe that our ability to perform well in the most important VCE subject will be hindered if Mr. Hassan Mansour is the one given the job of leading us to success.

Many of us concerned students have come forth and agreed to the fact that our English results at the end of 2018 would be of a higher standard if we are granted the chance to be taught by someone who not only shares our passion for the subject, but is willing to support us emotionally along the way.

Stated below is an account of one of these students. He prefers that the following information included remains confidential.

‘My sister came to Ilim College during Term 3 in 2015 as a Year 10 student.

Her previous school, Preston Girls Secondary College, a girls only school that was attended by her five older sisters who graduated there in previous years, had closed down at the end of 2014.

In Years 7, 8 & 9 she topped the class grades in all of her subjects, with English being her strongest.

For about 8 months after her school’s closure, my sister did not attend school. However, during this time, she applied for Distance Education/Home Schooling but was knocked back continuously due to her ‘weak’ reason of being bullied in her earlier years.

After acheiving no success while trying to convince the DECV, my sister settled with my auntie’s idea of attending Ilim College. A decision which she says: “ruined her life.”

Although she was out of school for the better part of a year, she entered Year 10 with confidence and completed her English essays with ease.

However, during the following year, she realised that Mr. Hassan, believed the opposite of what the teachers of her previous school thought. Her work was apparently so bad, that she was kicked out of Year 11 in Term 2 of 2016.

Mr. Hassan gave her a fail on one of her SACs because she refused to perform an English Oral Presentation in front of the male students due to religious reasons. Numerous letters were sent home detailing how bad she was doing in English. Keep in mind that she was an A+ student at her old school.

He made her life “miserable” and continuously “put [her] down in front of [her] peers.”

More recently, in a Psychology class that he was substituting for, he claimed that all of us Year 11s were “stuffed” for Year 12 English.

When we asked why he said this, he smirked and did not say anything.

He then went on to tell us that “no one in his classes get over 60”

Moreover, he told us the story of his English class of 2017.

“At the start of the year, I asked all my students if they would be happy with a 25/50 on English. They all laughed and said that they will do very well. Now, at the end of the year, I asked them the same question and they all said that they are striving to pass and acheive 25/50 on their study score.”

We do not care if he is knowledgeable. We do not care if he is fantastic in the area of English. This is our last year of school and we deserve to have someone that will help us in every way possible.

However, if we have someone telling us every day that our work is no good and that we can not do anything about it, it is only going to reduce our chance of scoring well in the subject that matters most.

Something that all teachers should learn, is positive reinforcement. A simple compliment or a kind word can change the life of any student. Imagine you have a teacher who blatantly tells you that your work is terrible and that you can not do well in English.

Would you like that?’

We believe that those with the power to influence the decision should support our claims and provide us with the opportunity to learn under a teacher who is more supportive.

We do not intend to offend Mr. Mansour and we sincerely apologise if this petition has a negative emotional effect on him.

Again, we say, Ilim College Leadership Team, please reconsider.

Thank you,

 The Year 12s of The Ilim College Boys Campus of 2018




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