Chick-Fil-A Styrofoam BAN

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Hi guys,

After moving from Phoenix to Maui, we were exposed to the reality that is marine debris and pollution. We were constantly picking up trash in the water and on the ground. Fast forward to now, we've been traveling throughout Central and South America. We've realized the problems are just the same. There is trash everywhere. 

This sparked outrage in me the most when we were in Nicaragua. We were able to help turtle hatchlings into the ocean and saw them off as they started their new journey!  I held those hatchlings in my hand and I knew what they were about to experience. Not only are they trying to survive in their natural environment every day, they now have to worry about these unnatural items being thrown in the ocean

The next day, just 50 yards away we were able to see how much trash was flooding the beach. All of this waste had been washed up or just thrown there. We filled our giant trash bags in just 30 minutes. It was overwhelming and heartbreaking. I know that I can't make a change in the countries I visit because I'm just a tourist. I CAN, however, focus on the problems in my country. The United States isn't necessarily leading the way on sustainability. 

 I've recently contacted CHICK-FIL-A, one of the biggest fast food restarants, about their styrofoam cups. One thing I've seen that is a constant form of marine debris is styrofoam, no matter where I've been. If there is an ocean, you will see styrofoam washed up. I wanted to see what they're doing to get rid of their cups. They said they listened to customers and they prefer the styrofoam because they like their drinks to stay cold. They also said they collect 2 million cups a month and turn them into park benches and pens. Given the 2200 stores nationwide, this is nothing.  It's 2019, there is no excuse anymore. They have an ethical responsibility to this environment to have products that are more sustainable and non-hazardous to their customers.

I am a small blogger with a small voice. I am trying to make changes but no one is listening. These large corporations have the means to do it, but the willingness is lacking. I wanted to see if you'd help me. Help me get their attention. Help me show them this IS a problem. Help me get them to make a change! I need help spreading the word and I know you guys can help me!