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Can you chip in $7 to get this petition on the agenda?

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Silverio Dell'Aversano
Silverio Dell'Aversano chipped in $28
Angela Fortunato
Angela Fortunato chipped in $28
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Massimo Tortorella chipped in $109
patrizia cupiraggi
patrizia cupiraggi chipped in $17
Giovanni Stanzione
Giovanni Stanzione chipped in $17
Cinzia Giannini
Cinzia Giannini chipped in $27
Alfredo Andrea Deòll'Aquila
Alfredo Andrea Deòll'Aquila chipped in $16
Dario Principe
Dario Principe chipped in $38
Giuseppe Boezio
Giuseppe Boezio chipped in $17
cinzia scanu
cinzia scanu chipped in $55
Gino Ridolfi
Gino Ridolfi chipped in $17
Antonino Versaci
Antonino Versaci chipped in $17
Stefano Casalotti
Stefano Casalotti chipped in $38
Gracia De Torres
Gracia De Torres chipped in $17
Sara Grava
Sara Grava chipped in $28

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