Petitioning Retail Centre Division Dawn Broadbridge and 2 others

IKEA: Retract advertising disparaging the trans* community and issue an apology.

Transgender individuals experience harmful discrimination from many different sources. Commercializing discrimination of a social group radically inhibits that groups endeavor for equality. IKEA, your commercial sends a message, it tells the world that you believe it is okay to make fun of transgender people and their daily experience in life. It tells the world that transgender people do not deserve respect as living, breathing human beings with emotions. Simply put, your commercial hurts.

I, for one, will utilize my right as an individual to boycott IKEA stores until IKEA issues an apology to the global trans* community.

Letter to
Retail Centre Division Dawn Broadbridge
Franchise Division Ulrika Englesson Sandman
Inter IKEA Group Communications Kristian Sjöholm
Your marketing strategy in Thailand involving a vilifying portrayal of transgender people is disrespectful and harmful. Please retract all disparaging advertising campaigns and issue a worldwide apology to the transgender community.

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