We Want Gate-Exam-Centres at Srinagar(J&K).

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Subject:This petition is started keeping in view the  immediate need of sperate Gate-examination centres at Srinagar for the students of Kashmir and Ladakhh Region.


We the students from Kashmir and Ladakhh Region would like to get your attention towards various problems we face while traveling out side valley to appear in Gate -Examination.Gate examination is conducted in the month of February each year.This time is very unfavourable for NH1 connecting Kashmir with Jammu.Due to rain ,snow and land sliding the students face problem while going to appear in the examination.The air traffic also remains suspended in case of snow,winter fog etc.

Most importantly,students have to report examination centres outside valley  7 days before actual date due to adverse weather conditions .While returning back to home they have to bear the unexpected closure of NH1 due to weather related problems.


Remaining on travel for up to 10 days affects both health and preparation for exam.


Hence our request is to make sure that gate exam has its own centres at Srinagar for students of Kashmir and Ladakhh division.