Switching exam mode in the last hour is very unfair

Switching exam mode in the last hour is very unfair

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The concerned authorities, IIM Indore

We received an email this evening which notified us of a sudden change in the End Term Examination mode. With just a notice of 11 days, we were all asked to report to campus for offline exams.

IIM Indore is a University of National Importance and boasts of the best minds who come from every corner of our country. Expecting these students to make such hurried travel arrangements is very impractical. It is very tough to secure a confirmed ticket in the Indian Railway system with such short notice and the Air fare is sky high (or even beyond the sky for some cases). It is very difficult for first time campus residents to get accustomed to the situation and make all arrangements during exams.

We realize that the world is full of harsh situations and bitter outcomes, but we're hoping this won't turn out to be one of those occassions.

Kindly consider our request and help us to give our exams comfortably without compromising our physical and mental health.

We'll be truly grateful.

Thanks and Regards,

Students- PGP1




99 have signed. Let’s get to 100!