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Gender: Equality over Inequity

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                                   Gender: Equality over Inequity

Equality, a word too powerful as it is, seems to be blurry for everyone’s eyes nowadays. This world is mostly filled with unnecessary judgements, hurtful words that cut like knives, leading the world today to have discrimination.

Using eight intellectual minds working altogether, we were able to decide on conducting a petition on concentrating on how discrimination, specifically one of the most recognized type of discrimination, the gender inequity, is repentant and pitiful. This will focus on the ways of opening each and everyone’s eyes on the consequences of discrimination in the lives of a person, and giving them full awareness about the gender discrimination.

This will be able to show everyone the importance of respect and love, instead of hatred in the lives of all the people. Because nowadays, gender inequity is evidently seen everywhere, the equality between an identity of an individual is merely misjudged and unappreciated, not valued and unfair as well.

Remember, inequity and discrimination must be stopped, love and care must be valued. 

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