Building industry requires Professional Architects , be it big or small buildings.

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Through your Public Notice of 12.06.2019 you have invited Objections/Suggestions on the proposed Amendment in Haryana Building Code 2017. It is proposed to add ‘Supervisor’ category of professional in Appendix-A, who shall be allowed to prepare, sign and submit building plans and supervise construction of buildings upto 200 Sqm (8 marla) and 15 mtr. height.

Such an amendment should not be carried out because the persons under this category, as proposed in your notice, such as Diploma in Draftsman Civil, Civil Engineering & Architectural Assistantship, B.Tech Civil, B.Tech (Building Engineering Management or equivalent) are not trained or educated in building design. Only Architects possess the desired qualifications to undertake building space design.

Since the profession of architecture is duly regulated under the Architects Act, 1972, Architects are accountable under the provisions of the Act. Hence non Architects cannot be entrusted with responsibility of building design & sanctions just because they have assisted architects in their projects. This is important from the perspective of health and safety of the people. Only Architects should be allowed to prepare, sign and submit building plans.

In the interest of the common public this proposed amendment should not be carried out to HBC 2017.