Stop heavy 18-wheel trucks carrying cement entering small roads of Byrasandra, C.V.Raman Nagar, Bangalore 560093

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First thanks to BTP to make a visit to the cement dealer regarding my complaint. On 10th morning at 08:30 AM the cement shop (Chowdeshwari Enterprise) owner Mr. Revathy Kumar visited my residence to discuss and sort out the issue. He told us that traffic police visited him on 09th April regarding my complaint made to BTP via Facebook page. He also told us that the Bangalore Traffic Police asked him to discuss the issue with me and sort it out.    To let you know, this is not our individual problem. My apartment residents brought this issue of trucks in one of our association meeting and i took initiative to bring this issue to your notice.    On 13th April at 6pm we met Mr. Revathy Kumar at our apartment club house in absence of BTP to discuss the issue with the residents. Residents brought forward their problems with the trucks plying in the area during peak hours and the dust problems associated with its movement.   Mr. Revathy Kumar humbly heard to the residents and came with following:   1) He told that starting this month the truck numbers will reduce by as much as 70% 2) He promised that with in one year there will be no cement trucks visiting this area. 3) The multi axle trucks will ply during nights to avoid inconvenience to the residents of the area. 4) The small cement trucks plying with cement will always be covered so that cement dust does not get into the air.   Our apartment residents agreed to these and we came to a mutually agreeable conclusion.   Yesterday we confirmed to Mr. Chandradhar from Indiranagar Traffic Police station regarding the issue resolution when Mr. Revathy Kumar was called to the PS regarding the complaint.   We thank BTP and Mr. Revathy Kumar to consider the problem.


 Original Complaint:

We stay at Byrasandra, C.V.Raman Nagar which is the back side of Bagmane Tech Park (Google Maps:,+Byrasandra,+C+V+Raman+Nagar/@12.9814785,77.6677026,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x3bae115acfcf0f9b:0x9bd420582faf41d9). This is a shadow region with respect to traffic management. Forutunately or unfortunately we have never seen any traffic cop managing traffic or enforcing law and order by regular checks in this area. Fortunately for those who dont follow rules and regulation and unfortunately those who care to follow them.

Recently for over 5-6 months we are seeing HEAVY MULTI AXLE trucks (18 wheeler) carrying cement plying in this area. They come here many times in a day and that too daily. We have seen them between 7:15 am to 8:30 am, 1:15pm to 3:00pm and evening 5:00pm to 6:30 pm and according to our apartment security guard these trucks come through out the day at least for 15-20 times.

These big trucks are always followed by smaller transport vehicles like TATA EX4 trucks/TATA Pickup and other pick-up vehicles and all they do is transfer the load from the heavy multi axle trucks into the smaller transport vehicle. After they are finished with the job all the vehicles leave the area one by one. These small trucks have "Chowdeshwari Enterprise" printed on them and this is a cement shop in G.M Palya, C.V.Raman Nagar.

They do all these near to the kaggadaspura lake which can be accessed from Lake view Road, Byrasandra, C.V.Raman Nagar.

Please note following points.

Health problems to children's because of air pollution.. cement is in the air. 

1. The roads in this area are very small to accommodate this traffic. When ever they come they create traffic jam.

2. The roads are deteriorating because of this heavy vehicle movement.

3. There are no footpaths in this area...and regular movement of these trucks can cause danger to human life.

4. The timings at which they ply is school pick up and drop timing and there is already heavy movement of school buses and school kids in this area.

5. Lots of bagmane tech park employees are on the roads during this time.

6. These vehicles create lot of pollution as they carry cement, the air is filled with cement

For someone's personal benefit why other citizens of the area should suffer?

Bangalore Traffic Police recently took action but was of no use:

The videos of the heavy multi axle vehicles entering and leaving the area are uploaded on youtube please look at them. Following are the links:

Latest video:

Vehicle Number: KA-01-AA-8547 this is one of the vehicles.


We need your help in this regard to solve the problem and to provide relief to residents of this area

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