iGaming Ontario and AGCO must warn about the RTP of games on their gambling establishments

iGaming Ontario and AGCO must warn about the RTP of games on their gambling establishments

March 31, 2023
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Why this petition matters

Started by Mike Collins

My name is Mike Collins and I am an Ontario resident. I am also a person who suffers from gambling addiction and I am the creator of a gambling project that goal is to tell the truth about gambling and protect the interests of players in the field of the safety of their money.

I ask you to support my petition of all residents of Ontario and all residents of Canada, because they will come to your province for your money or the money of your loved ones a little later ...

Engaged in protecting the interests of players, it so happened that I know the world of gambling a little more than many residents of our country.

So, at the moment, in online gaming platforms with the new iGaming Ontario RTP license, games have no more than 80 percent.

RTP is the percentage return to the player.

The problem is that the average RTP in offshore gambling sites is 96 percent.

That is, players from Ontario forgot to warn about this important fact, and moreover, 99 percent of players do not know about it.

All gaming platforms with an iGaming Ontario license are silent about this fact, and this is not written on the official website of iGaming Ontario either, you can see for yourself.

There is no information about this even in small print.

On the official website in every corner it is written that the money of the players will be safe and that's it.

Why would players keep their money safe if there is no way to win?

If anyone is interested in this topic, then on my website I described in more detail why this is an outright deception.

I request iGaming Ontario and the Ontario Alcohol and Gaming Commission (AGCO) to let you know the real RTP of the game.

I mean the following:


1. Before playing online, a person must agree that the RTP is 80 percent.

Moreover, it should be written in normal text so that it can be seen and for those who do not know what RTP is, there should be an explanation that this is a feedback to the player.

2. All advertising materials must contain a warning that the game has no more than 80 percent RTP.

3. Online sites before registration should be required to warn about the RTP of 80 percent.

Or I demand to increase the RTP to 96 percent.


Please support my petition and share it with as many Canadians as possible.

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Signatures: 5Next Goal: 10
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