Make overwatch great again

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Overwatch used to be great, balanced and fun to play, but after recent hero reworks, nerfs and buffs (because of complaining e-sports players!) The game became infuriating and unfair. Matchmaking on PS4 always ranks bronze portraits (under level 400) with platinum or gold portraits. The game's experience is ruined more and more for a few players and it's just not the game it used to be. It used to be fun, now it just makes the mood drop. It's not even worth wasting time for anymore in our opinion.

A few heroes are extremely annoying to play against. One no skill arrow around the corner can kill the most important players. Most of the people we asked though the hanzo rework was bs and that it made everything even worse. A few heroes just really ruin the game and playstyle, and sometimes you don't even have a chance against the enemy team and just get spawncamped until the round is over. A few balance changes would be very helpful in bringing the motivation to play back to people who had to see their favourite game die because of unfair matchmaking, "op" heroes or abilities..and other things

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Me and my friends have been playing this game every day together so we can spend time together. The most of us have already had the game in 2016 (where things were alot different)
The game was basically perfect and almost every time fun to play. Now, since the overwatch league and e sports players have been complaining about basically every hero, blizzard changed them which made all of us who mained the reworked heroes very frustrated. We liked them how they were, and had tons of hours on them. Now we had to either relearn our main or just give them up. Even tho we were pretty sad about the situation, we continued playing but after the recent updates it became almost impossible to even exist as a Hitscan. The only thing that happens to us is genjis focusing us or doomfists(10hp) jumping up on us(200 hp) and killing us in 1 second not leaving us a chance to fight against because of his self heal, just like reaper or Brigitte. We are basically rage quitting every day now, because it's just not fun anymore. Even tho overwatch was our favourite game, we'd rather switch to paladins.