Make perfume houses declare the use of toxic ingredients

Make perfume houses declare the use of toxic ingredients

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Abel Odor started this petition to ifra

Did you know your perfume doesn't actually come with an ingredient list? Instead most fragrance ingredients can be grouped together under the catch all "parfum" in the ingredients list.

Fragrance labelling laws were designed decades ago to ‘protect trade secrets’ - something that is no longer relevant with modern science. Today the current labelling laws essentially act as a "hide all".

We believe you have a right to know what ingredients are in your perfume, especially if these ingredients are known to be toxic to humans and the environment.

For example: Fossil fuel derived polycyclic musks are a fragrance ingredient used extensively (estimated in 50% of perfumes worldwide). Alongside building up in human tissue, they have also shown to enter our waterways when we shower and from there, build up in the food chain, particularly in aquatic life. There are renewable, biodegradable alternatives to these petrochemical musks but they are more expensive (approximately 15 times). While consumers don't know what's in their perfume, there is no impetus for fragrance houses to switch to more environmentally friendly options.

The purpose of this petition is to increase transparency of the use of these toxic ingredients in the fragrance industry by lobbying the organisations that have the power to make the change.

Though not bound by regulatory requirements, most global fragrance formulators and cosmetic manufacturers adhere to IFRA (International Fragrance Association) guidelines as well as their own regional laws - the EU, USA (FDA) and other regional governing bodies each have their own standards.

IFRA is an industry organisation that regularly reviews fragrance ingredients and restricts or recommends specific usage to help protect consumer safety.

Generally speaking, if IFRA takes an initiative on board it has the highest chance of making a global impact as most manufacturers will adhere. It also increases the likelihood that the EU, FDA and other regional government organisations will put in place legally binding requirements.

This is why this petition is directed at IFRA. We would like to see them introduce a system where they identify polycyclic musks and other toxic ingredients and recommend to manufacturers to label these on their ingredients list.

Such a system is not new. EU Regulation 1223/2009 enforces manufacturers selling in the EU to list any of the 26 ingredients they have identified as potentially allergenic. A restriction that global perfume manufacturers are now used to working with and a system that is accepted by the industry.

If we receive 10,000 signatures on this petition we will share it with IFRA asking for action.

Your signature counts. Join us in demanding transparency!

About us: Abel Odor is a 100% plant derived perfume house. We have shared our full ingredient list with our customers for over seven years. We believe consumers have a right to know what they are putting on their body and what is entering our environment as a result of their personal care habits. Transparency is key, this petition is a step in the right direction but not the end goal.

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