Tell US Supreme Court to Take Petition for Cert Requiring Lower Courts to Provide Analysis

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In law school, the legal writing rule drilled into every student's head is IRAC, or: Issue, Rule, Analysis, Conclusion. A passing paper MUST have sufficient analysis, or it fails. Why is it that this standard disappears at moments when it is most crucial in our judicial system? 

My children were abducted by my ex through the local family court system. Judge Geyer failed to provide any of his analysis, which prevented me from being able to effectively appeal his judgement. This is because it left me without the logical proofs necessary to fully do so. The ability of the Court of Appeals and Oregon State Supreme Court to defer to the lower courts without having to provide that ever elusive analysis only served to seal my fate with an appeal to the US Supreme Court.

Please SIGN and SHARE this signature-petition far and wide to help bring due process to my children, or take the argument found in my pro se Petition for Cert linked bellow with you on your own appeals!

Here also is the transcript from my divorce:

And my pro se appeal to the Oregon Court of Appeals: