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Corruption and politics will always go hand-in-hand. By nature, money and power is capable of corrupting the best of us. However, in this day and age, we have the means to significantly reduce political corruption. We have the technology and existing infrastructure to create a secure, regulated, real-time voting web platform. A 3rd party platform (for the people by the people), with the sole purpose of providing citizens true political power.

The overall idea comes from the coined term "Hive Thinking", where the more people you have working on a problem, the more favorable the odds are for deriving to the best suited solution. I would like to outline and propose 3 simplified goals as the foundation for unleashing the true potential of uniting citizens online.

The 1st goal requires citizens acquiring a "One-third swing vote" on all legislation passed through the House and/or Senate. The swing vote is derived from 1/3rd of the voting seats in the House and/or Senate. For example, the Senate has 100 seats, which would give citizens the power of 33 seats. The House has 435 seats, giving citizens the power of 145 seats. To clarify the objective, let's say a bill to increase the budget for NASA is presented to the Senate. The Senate votes 72 against and 28 for. Citizens would then have the opportunity to swing the vote with the power of 33 seats. A popular vote in favor of the bill would swing the Senate vote from 72 against / 28 for to 39 against / 61 for. A popular vote against the NASA budget bill would be considered a unanimous vote (favoring all parties).  

The 2nd goal requires building an online platform which directly connects citizens to the House and Senate. This platform would be based on typical functions and features as found on Facebook, eBay, and Reddit. At the simplest level, citizens would be able to logon to their account and vote for or against any piece of legislation; using a thumbs up or thumbs down icon. When the time frame for voting expires, the popular vote would be applied to swing the House and/or Senate's vote. (To execute this voting process in a timely manner, legislation would need to be summarized into basic terms for the purpose of having a common understanding amongst all parties)

The 3rd goal requires modifying the online platform to further benefit citizens. This involves creating algorithms that would trend a "National Interests Forum", where today's major topics of interest would headline and trend. Topics such as: Taxes, Immigration, Military spending, Minimum wage, Education, Gun control… etc., would be user generated and trend based on popular majority demand. Under each major topic headline, user requests and/or solutions would also trend. Finally, popular trending headline user requests and/or solutions would be legally formatted and presented to the House and/or Senate for all parties to vote on.

Let’s create a third party that can’t be bought out. Let’s figure out what issues really matter the most to Americans. Let’s make change happen when we want it. Let's start the debate today by signing this petition. Let's strive to take action as one, as citizens united, a 3rd party for the people; where everyone has the opportunity to tackle on the big issues.

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