Save Parking on 16th St.

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Nick DelleDonne
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The City is about  to begin construction on the 16th St. Bus Lane Project which will eliminate street parking in both morning and evening rush hour unnecessarily on both sides of the street, between O and U Streets. The Project will create further hardship for residents who already find parking spaces scarce. Residents have asked for data that could justify this injury but have been met with stonewalling. "The public comment period is over and planning is done," DDOT says. The Project has undergone major changes since 2015 but DDOT will not reconsider the unnecessary loss to the community - this despite the fact that In rush hour, traffic in the opposite direction is thin or absent. We live here. We pay taxes. Why is the City inflicting injury on residents of our community for no reason?

Join our struggle. Sign our petition. Send a message to the Mayor and others to stop the needless injury on the residents of our community. Be sure to reach out to us and leave your contact information

Dupont East Civic Action Association 703 929 6656