Reclaim South End


Reclaim South End

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The South East side of Tacoma and Pierce County that boarders it is under siege by drugs, crime, litter and gangs. We, the citizens of this area, are sending a message to our elected officials. We are tired. Tired of the mess, the crime, the litter,  and the fear of losing our homes, family and property to those who do not fear the penalty of the law. Below is the petition that we plan to send to our officials. Please read it and if you agree with us, will you support us by signing.

Reclaim South Tacoma

We the undersigned stand together in an effort to deliver an important message. We believe that the South Tacoma area—including the Pierce County areas adjacent to the areas of Fern Hill, Midland, Larchmont and other nearby areas—are dangerous. These neighborhoods have been and continue to become increasingly hostile and crime-laden. These communities are suffering.

We the good people of these areas stand united in our efforts to see our streets and homes become clean and safe. Drug use and drug dealing, prostitution and other forms of crime are out of control. The safety of our children, our families, and our community’s elderly—as well as our homes—are all in jeopardy.

We are tax-paying, voting citizens and strongly feel that we deserve adequate protection.

We are asking our elected officials to take action. For too long we have been ignored as our streets are being taken from us. The fabric of a decent community is at risk as well as the lives of those that live here. This is our notice to the city and county officials that we can no longer remain silent and no longer accept our being victims.

We feel that we need a significantly increased police presence. Equally, we need a willingness by police and call centers to take reports seriously, and where merited, a willingness by prosecutors & judges to vigorously prosecute and sentence and/or commit to drug treatment centers.

We are aware that one issue is the artificial boundary between "Pierce County" and "Tacoma". Yet both areas share the same problems often caused by the same groups and individuals. That is why we are wanting to bring State Legislators and both the County and City Council on board with us.

We stand together and request that our state representatives, the Tacoma mayor, both police chiefs, and the city and county council members work together to draft and initiate a plan to end the following:

● Property crimes

● Poor police response

● Mail/package theft and vandalism

● Prostitution

● Drug dealing

● Out of control litter and human waste in the streets and business areas

We request that drug addicts be placed into treatment and that criminals and gang members be vigorously apprehended and prosecuted.


This petition made change with 377 supporters!

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