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If you cut our voice, we will cap your pay.

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SA Vice Chancellor’s Salaries Should Be Capped at the same Pay Rate as the Premier.

The Vice Chancellors of both Adelaide and Flinders Universities are currently on a salary package well in excess of $1 million each. Around triple that of the State Premier!

Meanwhile staff on those same campuses make less in a whole year than these guys make in a single week.

This week those same Vice Chancellors have pushed the state Weatherill government to put a bill before the parliament to slash student and staff numbers on the governance body of those universities, their University Councils.

We know the drill, if students and staff aren’t at those tables when decisions are made then we probably see even more cuts to campus life and further increases to those obscene $1m plus salaries are no doubt planned sometime soon.

It’s time to take a stand.

Students and staff are sick of endless cuts on campuses, bigger classes, being overworked and underpaid while education is repeatedly put on the backburner. To add insult to injury they watch while those at the top award themselves more pay than the Prime Minister!

That is why the Greens have also moved an amendment to the Labor bill – one to cap the VC salaries to an amount of no higher than the Premier’s salary.

This is not only fair and reasonable, it would free up much needed funds for quality education.

A university is more than a corporation – it is a community. The reason that there is a student and staff voice on these bodies – who are the vast minority on these bodies – is so that you actually have the community which you serve at the table when you make the very decisions that affect them the most.

Pretty simple. You cut our voice, we cap your pay.

We the undersigned are opposed to the reduction of the number of student and staff voices on University Councils. We acknowledge that the Labor government has just moved to do the VCs bidding and cut staff and students from the councils, and we urge the state Labor government to stand up for fairness and also curb in the exorbitant salaries of those Vice Chancellors while the bill is still in the parliament.

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