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Saving Joseph and Jeremiah Howell

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This petition is no longer just about my nephew and brother!!! It is about all the children involved, and the MANY OTHERS that have been taken out of their parents' custody!!!

On, March 07, 2016 an Angel was presented to this world and his name is Jeremiah Howell, whom was initially Jeremiah M. H., until the 12th day of July of this year. Jeremiah is my nephew, the child of my youngest brother, and unfortunately was born into foster care. Placed 4 days after birth, without any wrong doing by my brother Joseph , or any wrong doing by any member of this family, but yet, we've been placed in a situation as to where we now have to "fight" for my nephew. Joseph was  under the impression that there was the "possibility" that he could be the father along with another man , but my family and I had no knowledge of such said possibility, until September 2016, when we were also informed of Jeremiah and also informed that we could attend an upcoming Voices Meeting, hoping  that this meeting would explain what was going on.

The case manager on this case never not once, ran a Title 7 Diligent Search for any of Jeremiah's family members (which is required to be ran every 6 months), nor did she, nor the State need to.  September 28th, 2016 my mother and I attended this "Voices Meeting," and informed the case manager, the G.A.L (Gaurdian ad Litum), and all involved that I was the possible Aunt and my mother was the possible Grandmother, even signed our names  in with "Possible" attached, along with our phone numbers. In this meeting we found out that another gentleman had signed Jeremiah's birth certificate, and upon seeing a picture of Jeremiah left me with many unanswered questions and thoughts. One thought being that, I did see a slight resemblance of my brother in Jeremiah but he (Jeremiah) also looked Hispanic, which the other guy is. 

In, October the State sent a letter to my Mother's address for my brother whom at this time was incarcerated and had never resided at this address, but mailed nothing to my Mother nor to myself. 

In, December 2016, we still had not heard from the state regarding placement or kinship for my Mother and I, and so we believed that the man that signed the birth certificate was the actual father and that was the only logical reason why no one from the State had contacted us. During this time, we lost all contact with the Mother, until April 19th, 2017 and upon seeing her and being told by her that she believed that Jeremiah was mixed with African-American and that my brother was the only black man she had ever been with, made me begin wondering why we were still never contacted. I was able to get the phone numbers from her (the Mother) for the case manager and G.A.L whom Joseph and I immediately called and left voice messages for. The G.A.L did return my call and I informed her that my brother needed to be DNA tested, and told her that Joseph was incarcerated and gave her his location. Joseph was finally contacted and swabbed in May of 2017. During this period, but before paternity was even determined, Joseph received a certified letter from the State (now sending his mail to the County where he was residing when they sent mail for him to my Mother's home), that was dated back from October 2016, where the State had now added him on the petition of the Mother and the reasons why Jeremiah was taken from her.

  On, June 26th, 2017 it was determined that Joseph was 99.99% the Father of Jeremiah.
On, July 12th, 2017 It was ordered by the Courts that the man on the birth certificate be removed and that Joseph be placed on Jeremiah's birth certificate.                              On, July 17th, 2017 we began court proceeds to terminate the parental rights of the Mother and of Joseph....Joseph for non-compliance....????

Court resumes September 06th, 2017. I have created this Petition in order to get signatures to give to the Judge, the State, the Mayor, and the Governor for the actions or the lack thereof, that were not taken. For several years my husband and I went to the fertility clinics but were never able to conceive, even after drastic measures, so there is no way we would have left my nephew Jeremiah alone or unattended. My entire family is devastated by the actions of this case manager and the State, especially Jeremiah's siblings. The picture posted is of 2 cousins that got to meet for the first time August 16th, 2017, they're hugging for what may be the last time, which brought our Grandson to tears. 

***** Updates: The picture that was originally on this petition had to be removed as requested by the courts, sadly, we cannot share pictures of my blood relative on facebook or with the media. It is so funny that September 06th, the asst. D.A. was able to find my online petition, but yet no one could find my brother, whom mind you, was incarcerated in the state of Colorado's county jail. They couldn't find me and my Mother, even after we gave them our contact information, but yet, the contact information we gave them, they chose to send a certified letter to Joseph, whom never lived at my Mother's home, but totally bypassed addressing my Mother at "her" address that we provided to them!! My Mother, at that time, could have given the DNA for testing, IF we would have been contacted.

In my previous updates, I spoke on the fact that on September 26, 2017 all parents involved parental rights had been terminated, but my brother, Joey's were pending per ICWA. Well today, I found out that the Cherokee Nation did deny us, as well as the Tunica Beloxi Nation, due to the fact of enrollment deadlines. So as of today November 01, 2017, Joey's rights are now terminated to his son he's never met. 

Please help us turn these tears of sorrow into tears of joy by signing and sharing our petition  with your family and friends. We thank you in advance for your love, support, and most of all your prayers.                                                   

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