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If we're 'all in this together', cut MP's expenses, everyone in the country is making cutbacks, or is it a 'do as we say not as we do' thing?

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The Government of this country a ripping off the taxpayer with it's expenses claims, I thought all the publicity a few years ago had put a stop to this but it seems not, they put in claims for the most trivial of things, they are just as guilty of sponging of the state as the benefits claimants they regularly criticise. for example...MP's can claim for traveling within their constituency, one in particular regularly submits a claim for his half mile journey at a cost of  23p . MP's claim 49 pence at a time for milk for their constituency offices so even their tea breaks are funded by the tax payer. One MP claimed for his mobile phone bill through his expenses, one month in 2012 this was over £1600 for ONE month.The lastest one being the MP's will be entitled to claim upto £3750.00 to cover the cost of them returning to Parliament a couple of days early to discuss the death of former Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher. Also there is the PRS subscription, The Parliamentary Research Service is a pooled research facility open to Labour Members of Parliament to join. The PRS was established in January 2011 and provides research materials and support for our members in their Parliamentary duties. The Parliamentary Research Service works exclusively for its members. The PRS does not work outside of Parliament or have any other funding than members subscription fees. The PRS is independent of the Labour Party and supports its members exclusively in their parliamentary duties and not in party political activities. Except that the MP's who subscribe to this service can claim back the cost of their subscription which is over £4,000, so in reality this wonderful service is funded by the taxpayer. Other Political Parties have similar scams. The majority of the thing that are claimed under expenses are expenses the the average worker in this country would not be entitled to claim for even on their tax return. Enough is enough, it's time these MP's were brought to book and stopped from ripping of the tax payer. If you want to see just what your MP claims for visit, it's a real eye-opener.

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