JusticeForAsifa. Day to day trials for Rapist in the country.

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90% rapes in India go unreported.
Of the reported, only 30% go to trial
Of them only 1/3rd go to jail!
Is this what we call justice?

My anguish gets worse every second as these barbarians are roaming freely while an 8 year old has been heinously rapped and murdered by these rapists.  Asifa was just 8 year old Bakerwal girl from Rassana Village and a soft target for these barbarians. Her body was found in the forest on January 17th and still nothing has been done. While Media and everyone is drawing conclusions, the sad fact is an 8 year old lost her life. I wont sit quiet till i get justice for this little child. I need your support for this. 

Here are some other stories that are living nightmares!

She was just 15. In 2011, she was repeatedly raped by a man from her village when she went into the forest to defecate. Her mother found her bleeding in the forest and immediately took her to the police station, but the police refused to file a complaint. She now suffers from post-traumatic disorder (PTSD) and has not spoken since the incidence.

She was just 17. She was abducted by a man belonging to the higher caste Brahmin community while she was on her way back home from school in Robertsganj in Uttar Pradesh. She was taken to a nearby pond and raped. Her family supported her, immediately taking her for medical tests and to lodge a police complaint. The perpetrator has been on the run since. She has dropped out of school as a result of the trauma and stigma she suffered from the incident.

She too was just 17. She was raped by her landlord's son in 2008. She remained silent out of shame and fear. After becoming pregnant as a result of the rape. Her mother threw her out of the house. She was later pressured to marry her rapist by a local political party. She refused to withdraw the case or marry him.

These are just some of the millions of nightmares that women in India live with. According to statistics, 34,651 cases of rape were reported in India last year, but this is just the tip of the iceberg since 90 percent cases went unreported. So, if the rape of 34,651 women is just the 10 percent of the total figure in the country, then we can only imagine the grim scenario in the country when it comes to the safety of women.

In India, a woman is reportedly raped every 15 minutes. Multiply that by 24x7, 365 days a year. And keep in mind the majority of rape cases still go unreported. The statistics on crime against women is even worse: Every 2 minutes, a woman in India is a victim of a crime.

We as a society are becoming apathetic towards the plight of women, our country is increasingly becoming unsafe for women. The latest news where an 8-month-old infant was raped by her own 28-year-old cousin is the clear testimony of the lack of humanity.

Is this what we want to become, a monstrosity?
If we don’t act now! It will be too late.

There are thousands such waiting for Justice. It is about time, they get it. They deserve justice. Let us not add to their pain, by letting them live in agony for years.

It is my humble and sincerest plea to all the honorable Judges of India, it is in your power to make this change happen. A rape case can be another file on your desk but for a 5-year-old it’s a life lost forever. This heinous crime requires day to day trials and immediate justice. We need you to teach a lesson to the rapists and bring fear to those with such intent.  Please set an example, by tightening the noose around rapists, to make India safer for our children, for our sisters and mothers. We have faith in your wisdom, judgment and decision!

If we don’t instill fear in the hearts of these criminals they won’t stop!

Dear people, if we don’t act now, it will be too late.

Vijay Tata, initiate StopRape Campaign, sign the online petition and Your support will help us reach to the Lawmakers of the country and urge them to bring the immediate day to day trials for Rapists and make a more sensitive system for rape victims.

Together we can Stop Rape. 
Punishing the rapists is the only way.
We need trials to happen on a day to day basis.

Let us make it happen!