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Ravenswood Board Members shall keep CDC open & shall NOT renew Superintendent's contract.

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What do we want to change: Ravenswood School District needs a more qualified School District Superintendent. The current one Ms. Gloria Hernandez has misused our students' funds, has not set priorities, and as result of it, she is closing our Ravenswood Child Development Center, a very important program that prepares our preschoolers for kindergarten and beyond. Please sign this petition to ask Ravenswood Board Members Ana Pulido, Marcelino Lopez, Sharifa Wilson, Marielena Gaona-Mendoza, Charlie Mae Knight  NOT to renew the superintendent's (Gloria Hernandez) contract, and shall start searching for a more competent school district superintendent. 


The Problem: Gloria Hernandez, Ravenswood School District superintendent, has gotten our school district into a financial crisis due to her misuse of our student's funds, her inability to set priorities, the hiring of many administrators to help her do her job including the hiring of her own son who gets a generous salary,  her lack of problem-solving skills to address conflicts between her and employees, which often result in hiring lawyers and paying high amount on attorney's fee an


History: Gloria Hernandez came to Ravenswood School District to work as the Superintendent in 2013. At that time Maria de la Vega, former Superintendent left 8 million dollars in the general fund. Gloria our current superintendent has managed to spend those 8 million dollars and She has also spent more money that comes into our district in form of donations, parcel tax, and bonds,  etc. She has hired her own son and pays him more money than what a teacher makes. Gloria Hernandez’ contract will expire soon and will be renewed by the school board members unless you speak up for our kids. Their future depends on you standing up for them.

Why do I care: I lived in East Palo Alto since I was born, and when I was three years old my mother did not know about the Ravenswood Child Development Center, and when she went to work she took to a family daycare called something like "Grandma." At this family Day Care, the Grandma and her adult son smoked every day in the garage where we the kids spent the day watching TV. We breathed the smoke they exhaled every day. To make things worse the adult son of the Grandma, dressed up in scary clothes or Halloween costumes (even when it was not Halloween), and he would chase us around. We the scare students had to run as fast as our little legs could allow us to get away from the scary man, while he laughed at us. At this family care, we did not learn anything because all we did was sit in front of the TV all day long. This same luck is what is waiting for our new generation of preschoolers who will have to be taken care off while their parents work by some irresponsible caretakers or family daycares. This is why I am promoting this petition. Hopefully, the board members who approved the closing of the CDC will rescind their vote so our young pre-schoolers can attend a quality child care where they can be prepared academically, socially and emotionally for kindergarten. If the CDC closes the new generation of low-income preschoolers will have the same experience I had as a preschooler, and will not be ready for kindergarten and when they put their foot in the kindergarten classroom, they will already have an academic gap that will widen and widen every year. 

The Solution: The Ravenswood School Board Members shall NOT renew the School District Superintendent Gloria Hernandez' contract.  Instead, they shall start interviewing applicants to find a more qualified school district superintendent. One who will care about the academic, social and emotional achievement of our students, will keep the budget in balance, will set the expenses priorities, and will improve our students' educational outcome and will help close the achievement gap so all our students graduate from high school. Ravenswood School District Board Members shall also rescind from their vote tot he closing of the CDC that our low-income families depend on in order for them to work and keep food on the table, while their children attend the CDC program. 

Please sign this petition to ask all board members Sharifa Wilson, Marcelino Lopez, Charlie Mae Knight, Marielena Gaona-Mendoza and Ana Pulido NOT to renew the superintendent's contract.  Our kids' education and future depend on the board NOT renewing her contract.