Russian rule of killing a guy in defence should also be amended in India

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Few months back ,i read somewhere that Russia had a rule for girls that they can kill a guy as her self defence ,if a guy is trying to rape her, I think this rule should also be legally declared in India .But as all country people have different mind with different discussion topics  ,Russian minds and Indian minds have a huge difference .What govt. can do is make this law with some conditions like they can't kill a guy but can attack on only some particular body parts which would  only make  him weak,on every street there should be cameras so that girls also can't take the bad advantage of this rule and so on. Every day ,we hear the same topic on headlines i.e.a girl being raped ,If a girl doesn't enter her home after a given time,the first thing a mother worries for is if her child is not being kidnapped or raped.Even if they don't express that's the only thing they think  of first. Instead of thinking where her child is and why she is late ,she thinks of the chances of bad happenings with her. Its the biggest problem in India and its time for us to raise voice. Atleast govt. should declare a rule for girls. Because if we start changing the mind  of boys ,it would take a long time in a country like India