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Petitioning Hon. H. Vincent Conway Jr.

If found guilty, give Matthew Mansfield max penalties for beating poor dog

Matthew Ryan Mansfield of Newport, VA was arrested under the charges of brutally beating a one year old Labrador dog. According to a local newspaper article, the girlfriend of Ryan, Ann Marie Russell, called the police to their home on Beechmont Drive regarding a domestic situation.

Allegedly Ryan had beaten the dog after the dog relieved himself inside the house. As punishment, Ryan punched him and kicked him to an extent that he had to be humanly euthanized.
To read more on this case follow these links.,0,3457376.story

Credit for picture: Credit: Newport News Police photo

Letter to
Hon. H. Vincent Conway Jr.
I just signed the following petition addressed to: Hon. H. Vincent Conway Jr..

If found guilty, give Matthew Ryan Mansfield max penalties for beating innocent dog

We the undersigned demand justice for the unnamed Labrador dog that was brutally beaten to the extent he had to be humanely euthanized. If convicted, we ask that Mathew Ryan receive the maximum sentence allowable under law. Pleading for justice to prevail



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