Stop Animal Abuse in Canada! Help Charlie Pass Bill C-84 NOW!

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Thank you for helping protect our Canadian animals!

We are thrilled to share that after unanimously passing through the House of Commons in May, Bill C-84 passed its final Senate vote last month to become LAW! This is thanks to you! What does Bill C-84 mean for our animals? Bill C-84 provides some much needed updates to our Criminal Code surrounding Bestiality and Animal Fighting. It better clarifies the definition of bestiality, now making any sexual contact with an animal illegal. Those convicted of engaging in a sexual act with an animal will now also be listed on the National Sex Offender Registry. This will drastically help reduce repeat offences and better protect all vulnerable individuals in our communities. Bill C-84 also updates laws pertaining to animal fighting. They now list encouraging, aiding or assisting in the fighting or baiting of animals as an offence under the Criminal Code. This means any person found profiting from, breeding, training, keeping or transporting animals for fighting, will be subjected to criminal charges. For years, we’ve worked with local MP Arif Virani to create awareness around these important issues. We’d like to thank him–and each one of you–for advocating for our animals and helping improve our Country. You've truly helped save countless lives. Bill C-84 passing is a victory for all of us, but there are still more changes required and we promise to continue to be a voice for our animals. This would not have been possible without your support and signature. You and over 8,000 other Canadians made this a reality. Thank you so much!

Josie and Charlie Candito
2 years ago